Third Party Vendors

(updated July 13, 2023)

In order to provide users with the ZipGrade service, we utilize a number of third party service vendors as defined in our Privacy Policy.

This list includes the providers we utilize, what information may be shared with them to provide specific features of the service, and links to their privacy policy.

Party Name


Data Disclosed

Privacy Information

Payment Processor

Stripe, Inc.

Credit card processor for website

E-mail, address, credit card information Market Ltd

Merchant of Record for international purchases

E-mail, address, credit card information

Cloud Hosting

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Hosting of servers for web site and database servers

Encrypted forms of:

  • E-mail, hashed password, subscription data
  • Quiz, paper, student, tag, paper image, and class data (if synced)
  • Backups and log files

Crash/Beta Reporting

Bugsnag Inc.

Crash Reporting for mobile application

Application crashe logs and application errors, including device information. Users opt-in per device when logging in.

Apple Inc.

TestFlight beta management

E-mail address, crash logs for beta users


SendGrid, Inc.

Outbound transactional e-mail (account expiration, password reset, etc).

E-mail, name, transactional emails


ZenDesk, Inc.

Inbound support emails, support ticket management

E-mail address, support E-mails