ZipGrade Pricing

To keep ZipGrade affordable to all, it is primarily sold as a non-recurring subscription that is tied to your ZipGrade user. Non-recurring means that you will NOT be automatically charged. Instead, at the end of your paid period you will be prompted to extend your subscription if you wish to keep using the paid features.




Non-recurring Subscription Free $6.99 for 1 year


Monthly Grading Limit 100 Papers Per Month No Limit
20, 50, & 100 Question Form
Android & iOS Mobile Grading Apps
Print forms using your printer or copier
Multiple Key Versions
Alternate Answers/Weighted Questions
No Internet Required


Number of quizzes, students, and classes No Limit No Limit
Class Roster Import (CSV)
Single-User, Multiple Device Use
Access to ZipGrade Website
Custom Forms
CSV Export
Item Analysis
Custom Standards

Download the ZipGrade mobile app for free

Use in-app purchase or website My Account screen to purchase a subscription.

Prices subject to change and for US locations. Check the App Store or Google Play for current pricing in your location. Expired users will revert to a free subscription. Minimum OS Requirements for mobile app: iOS 10 or Android 6
School Purchasing/Bulk Purchase