in-person scanning and online remote grading
Join the 750,000+ teachers that have used ZipGrade in their classrooms to grade paper-based quizzes.

Bring Your Own Device

  • Use the iPhone, iPad, or Android device you already own
  • Requires iOS 10+ or Android OS 6+
  • Sync between multiple devices: scan with Android, review on iPad or website
  • Internet connection not required when scanning/grading papers

Companion Website

  • Data optionally syncs to and other devices
  • Additional reporting and analytics
  • Define web-based assessments for remote or online students

Cost Effective

  • Grade 100 papers FREE each month
  • Unlimited grading is $6.99 USD for one year
  • Purchase unlimited grading as an in-app purchase or at
  • Purchase orders accepted for school orders

Flexible Answer Sheets

  • Standard answer sheets in 20, 50, and 100 question sizes
  • Custom Form Wizard allows bespoke answer sheets: number of questions, number of answers, and labels throughout
  • Create answers for multiple choice, true/false, matching, and gridded-numeric entry

Student Portal

  • Assign quizzes for students to take online
  • Include question sheets with quizzes when taken online
  • Post results for quizzes completed online or scanned in-person

Save $ on Forms

  • Use plain copy paper to print answer sheets
  • Multiple forms per page possible
  • Laminate forms for re-use or cleaning
  • Forms with pre-printed student info available


  • Review results immediately on mobile app or website
  • Item analysis to quickly identify issues including Discriminant Factor
  • Export all captured data to CSV for futher analysis or import into other systems

Track Standards

  • Tag questions by standard or competency
  • Aggregate reporting added for individual quiz or student performance over time
  • Tag standards are free-form to allow for teacher customization

Getting Started Tutorial